Acoustic Foam Tile – Pyramid

Foam2Home’s Acoustic Pyramid Foam Tiles are designed to minimize unwanted interferences and to control reverberation time and echo in rooms.





  • Acoustic insulation of rooms
  • Home studios
  • Music rooms
  • Cinema rooms
  • Equipment areas
  • Acoustic enclosures
  • Generator and compressor enclosures
  • Sound absorbing panels
  • Electrical equipment


Key Features:

  • Designed to absorb noise over a range of frequencies
  • Open cell polyurethane foam
  • Excellent sound absorption properties
  • Lightweight
  • Will not dust or migrate when subjected to air flow
  • Flexible and can be cut or pressed into shapes
  • Colour – Grey
  • Dimensions 500 x 500 x 50mm


We recommend you add self-adhesive backing (SAB) to the foam for ease of fixing and to help bond the foam to most surfaces.

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