Outdoor Furniture Guide

Our guide to improving your outdoor furniture!

Our guide to improving your outdoor furniture, to get the most out of the Spring and Summer moments.

Outdoor Seating

What does Summer mean to you? Family bbq’s in the garden, parties, children having fun in the garden, long lazy evening sipping over a glass of wine? Whatever it may be, you will want to be comfortable doing it!!

Here, at Foam2Home, we can provide you with the right cushion foam for whatever outdoor seating project you are doing, whether it be replacing old seat cushions or trying your hand at making pallet furniture.

With both Ireland and the UK having reputations for dull gloomy skies, we always welcome dry sunny days and ensure we make the most out of it too!

So what that in mind what is the best foam type for your outdoor furniture, read on to find out more!

The best foam type for Outdoor furniture

With the weather being so unpredicatable, we need to be prepared for any event of weather, so choosing the right type of foam and covering is crutical.

For seating foam our Firm Foam which is a firm high density foam is ideal for your outdoor furniture. Used with either Medium or Soft foam for the backs you will never want to leave your chair or sun loungers again.

Foam2Home offer foam cut to size so check out our websites to see more details on what we offer. www.foam2home.ie and www.foam2home.co.uk.

Don’t forget to get waterproof covers though!!

DIY Pallet Furniture

If you enjoy making things from scratch and are actually good at it, this is right up your street. Cheap, affordable pallet furniture, all you need is wooden pallets, nails, power drill, screwdriver ,measuring tape and of course protective equipment!

Why not try get some free wooden pallets from companies that aren’t using them, there are plenty of places that are more than happy to give away some pallets so ask around before you go buying some.

The number of wooden pallets that you need depends on how large you want your furniture, but let’s start with 10 wooden pallets.

To begin, take 3 pallets and place them in an L shape on the ground as this will be the base of your seats. Then, take another 3 and put them evenly on top of the other previous 3, this gives you the height you need for seating. Then you need to secure the top and bottom pallets together using screws, nails or glue. At this point you need to decide if you want individual seats or you can join them all together whatever you prefer.

Next, take 3 more pallets and remove the top half. This is the backs of the seating. Secure the backs to the seating again using screws, nails or glue.

And just like that you have upcycled furniture – all you need are comfy cushions to sit on so pop over to our website where we can take care of that for you!

As for the remaining wooden pallets you can make a side table or just dispose of it if you have enough DIY for now!!!!

How do I order custom cut foam for my seating?

Here, at Foam2Home we try to make it as easy as possible for you to order what you need. For custom cut foam all you need to do is go to the “foam-cut-to-size” section and follow our 5 easy step process online. Should you have any queries though please do get in touch on hello@2home.ie, we are always happy to help!