How it works?

Below is our guide to Foam2Home’s user-friendly Cut-to-Size feature.

Simple 5 step process

We have developed a simple 5 step process, that guides you through our Cut-to-Size feature.

1. What is the purpose of your foam?

Select the icon below that best fits the purpose of your foam. By selecting the purpose of your foam, we can suggest the most suitable foam types for your job.

If your foam does not fit into one of these uses, please select ‘Other’.

2. Select your foam type

Choose your required foam type. See descriptions below the foam types on the Cut-to-Size page for more details.

3. Enter your foam shape and dimensions

Enter your dimensions. Always remember “Measure Twice, Cut Once”, so be sure you have measured and entered your dimensions correctly!

Please visit our FAQs for some suggestions on how to calculate your measurements.

4. Select any extras

Choose from our range of extras, such as Dacron,  Stockinette and Memory Foam Toppers to enhance your foam finish.

Select the information icon beside each add-on to find out it’s benefits.

5. Quantity

You can easily enter the quantity of pieces you require. You will then receive a quote for your foam pieces.