Light Weight Fire Retardant Acoustic Foam

Light Weight Fire Retardant Acoustic Foam is a Class 0 fire rating fire retardant, light weight foam designed to provide acoustic and fire resistant properties.





  • Internal lining of ventilation ductwork and equipment
  • Machinery enclosures
  • Enclosures for vehicle and boat engines
  • Generator and compressor enclosures
  • Sound absorbing panels
  • Doors, walls and partitions
  • Electrical equipment
  • Acoustic room and floor treatments
  • Any application where fire is a risk and weight is an issue

Key Features:

  • Absorb high levels of reflected noise
  • Class 0 fire rating at 25mm thickness
  • Application temp up to 240oC
  • Flame resistance without the addition of flame retardants
  • Good thermal insulation properties
  • Extremely Lightweight
  • Available in 600mm x 600mm x 25mm panels

We recommend you add self-adhesive backing (SAB) to the foam for ease of fixing and to help bond the foam to most surfaces.