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Our Super Soft Polyester Fill is Guaranteed Best Quality Fiberfil, perfect for throw pillows, cushions, toys, poufs, inserts, crafts etc.

Re-fill any cushions and any other comfort product that needs a little more “comfort”.

Used anywhere where you want to replace synthetic stuffing, naturally hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial properties, perfect for baby and kids goods.

Type of Use:

  • Stuff Toys,
  • Pillows,
  • Sofa backs
  • Crafting,
  • Sewing,
  • Quilting
  • Dog beds.


  • 100% polyester
  • Great for many different crafts
  • Fibres can be twisted, spun and stretched to accommodate any crafts
  • Hypoallergenic

Sold in 5kg and 10kg bags Vacuumed packed.

What Is Dacron / Polyester Wrap?

What is Stockinette?

Stockinette is often fitted to foam to help prevent wear to your cushion covers Stockinette will allow you to fit your foam with greater ease

Stockinette is knitted, stretchy cotton mix fabric that provides a barrier between foam and the underside of your fabric to help prevent wear and will considerable ease fitting. Stockinette can be fitted to any length of foam however has a maximum stretched width of 100cm

What is Dacron/Polyester Wrap?

Dacron is a spun polyester fibre. In sheet form it is added to your foam order to provide extra body to a cushion. We will add stockinette free of charge to orders requiring Dacron as this will help prevent the Dacron catching of the cushion zip during fitting.

How Much Dacron Should I Use?

We offer two weights of Dacron 6oz and 12oz available to add to your order when entering sizes. General rule of thumb: In our experience measure the border width of your cover (assuming a box style cushion) match the thickness for the foam to the boarder of the cover then add 12 oz Dacron .This will proved you with a well fitted cushion cover.

Foam Grades Explained

Light Foam

Light Foam

Suitable for headboards, crafts, costumes, and general use. We do not recommend this grade for any seating application.

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Soft Foam

Soft Foam

Suitable for domestic seating cushions of 4" (10cm) or more in thickness. An ideal replacement for fibre filled cushions.

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Medium Foam

Medium Foam

Seating grade foam, suitable for many applications including quality sofa and upholstery seat cushions, boats, caravan bunks/seats, dining chairs and camper vans. The most popular and best seating foam for cushions with thickness between 3" and 4" (7.5-10cm). For thicknesses over 4" (10cm) we recommend Medium, or better, Reflex Superior medium foam.

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Firm Foam

Firm Foam

Seating grade foam suitable for cushions that are less than 3" (7.5cm) in thickness. Uses include window seats, quality dining chairs, and vehicle restoration projects. This grade of foam is widely used in the automotive industry and for mobility aids for example wheelchair cushions.

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Foam 2 Home have over 50 years experience

Foam 2 Home was established to supply competitively priced quality foam products cut to our customers required size and delivered to the whole island of Ireland.

We have grown to be the largest truly Irish supplier with a reputation for quality products and a fast turnaround of orders.

Foam 2 Home has over 50 years in the foam business and most of our staff have decade’s worth of experience in the trade.

All of our waste material is recycled in to re-bond foam or turned into foam crumb to be used in beanbags, dog beds etc.

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