Campervan Mattress & Seating.

At, Foam2Home we have you covered on everything to do with foam for your campervan, whether you are renovating or upgrading your mattress or seating foam.

We love campervans here at Foam2Home, there is just something so magical about packing up and setting off on the open road to explore so many different and beautiful places not only in Ireland and the UK but in Europe as well.

Choosing the right foam type

You will want your van to be as comfortable as possible while you are travelling even if its only for a day or 2. So choosing the right foam type for your mattress and seating area is key. It’s amazing the modifications people are able to make on their campervans, making it a real home away from home and so cosy when travelling.

Here at Foam2Home we can help with that by choosing our foam cut to size service.

Our Production Team are extremely skilled and very experienced at their job and can cut many different shapes and sizes that fit into those uniquely shaped areas of so many campervans. So, don’t worry your in good hands!.

For campervan mattresses we recommend using a high density foam such as Firm foam to provide a sturdy base, topped with a thinner layer of Memory foam which will provide a really comfortable top to seat or sleep on. The Firm foam should be approximately 2.5-3inches thickness with the memory foam layer around 1.5-2inches thickness. Now this is only a guideline, so this can vary from person to person and van type as well as personal preference. We can cut your foam to whatever thickness you require.

Ordering your Campervan Mattress

Ordering your campervan mattress from Foam2Home is pretty easy. Head over to our homepage and go to our Foam-Cut-To-Size section where you can follow our easy 5 step process which guides you easily through each step.

  1. Choose your purpose – Campervans/Mattress
  2. Select your foam type – here you will only choose Firm foam to begin with.
  3. Enter your required shape and measurements. If you do not see your required size you must choose CUSTOM shape and upload a drawing of the shape with the measurements clearly showing on the drawing.
  4. Choose any EXTRAS that you might need such as stockinette or Dacron. You wont need either of these for your mattress so you can skip this step and proceed to step no.5.
  5. Choose the quantity you need and then you are go to proceed to the checkout.

Delivery normally takes between 3-5 business days so you wont have that long to wait and before you know it you will be hitting the road!

Don’t forget, if you have any questions we are more than happy to assist you so feel free to drop us an email to