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Infused Body Sponges

Foam2Home’s Infused Body Wet & Wash Sponge is a soft and gentle, hypo-allergenic sponge infused with aloe vera soap.

Covered Acoustic Tiles

Why choose fabric covered acoustic tiles?

How-To: Replacement Sofa Cushions

Give Your Sofa A New Lease of Life! Order Here

Outdoor Furniture Guide

Our guide to improving your outdoor furniture!

Revive your favourite toy with Foam Crumb!

Don’t just leave that favourite toy on a shelf, bring it back to life with Foam2Home Foam Crumb!!

Sustainable Insulation

Foam2Home Sustainable Eco-Insulation.

Questions & Answers – Foam Sheets

All your questions answered in one place on Foam Sheets

Acoustic Foam – The perfect gaming companion!!

Attention Youtuber’s. Gamer’s and Streamer’s!